A Component of the RingoLine System 

Call Processing Center

The call processing center (call centre) is an integral and one of the most crucial components of the entire system. It allows for the most efficient and productive way of dealing with customers, maximizing sales conversion, ensuring no potential customer is lost, and enhancing customer loyalty.


Expanding the market for goods and services, improving the quality of customer service, optimizing internal business processes, and increasing the volume of goods and services offered due to the speed of request acceptance and processing.

Challenges Addressed

Quality reception and processing of calls, the capability for conducting advertising campaigns, customer base formation, data collection and its analytical processing, automation of routine operations, intelligent call distribution, reducing the load on company staff, minimizing unanswered calls, and the ability to save and track the history of interactions with clients.


Implementation of services such as a "hotline" – during advertising promotions, campaigns, discounts, and sales; "technical support" – for resolving client technical issues; "virtual secretary" – for automating client informational support for repetitive inquiries; dispatch service – for recording and processing customer requests or orders; surveys, questionnaires, and "cold calling" – for expanding the client base. .

Target Audience

Private and public companies focused on selling products and providing services, having a large volume of contacts with the public: information services, service organizations, advertising agencies, companies providing technical support, and financial institutions.